Drawing on feminist approaches to education, my pedagogy acknowledges that both professors and students bring valuable knowledges, experiences, and ways of understanding the world to the classroom. I view us collectively as co-learners, wrestling with big social issues, discussing the implications and responsibilities of social structures, and cooperatively examining the various possibilities for resolving structural limitations. I develop intentional, creative, and active-learning assignments and experiences that empower students to develop, refine, and expand their skillsets and reflect upon what they’re learning. 

Courses Taught


Intro to Sociology / Society in a Global Age (SOCL 101)

Chicago: Growth of a Metropolis (SOCL 125)

Cities, Suburbs, & Beyond (SOCL 234)

Urban Sociology Graduate Seminar (SOCL 520)

UMass Lowell

Sociology of Race & Ethnicity

Urban Sociology

Latinas/os in the United States (renamed to Latinas/os/xs in Space)

Learning from the Field (advanced ethnography methods course)

Knox College

Through the Looking Glass: An introduction to Sociology

Sociology of Urban America

Community Engagement: Theory, Practice, and the Politics of Help        

Community (Economic) Development

Latin@s/XS in Space

Race and Gender in the U.S. Welfare State

Senior Research Seminar

DePaul University

Perspectives on Community Service